W, SW, S.

Lič is located 3 km from the town Fuzine in Gorski Kotar, which is connected by highway accessible from the direction of Zagreb for approx. 1 h and from Rijeka for about 25 minutes. Approach to take off is through village Vrata (asphalt roads, except the last part) or from the Ličko polje (macadam).
This flying area is with three big meadow take offs with perfect slope in front of which are no obstacles. Landing is in a big field in front. Because of these characteristics Lič is extremely good place for the first flight, but caution, the field is very thermally active, and beginners can fly only in afthernoon hours. Terrain provides the possibility of flight toward the direction Vrbovsko, Bjelolasica, then eastward Velebit, Novi Vinodolski, Tribalj to the south and west to Grobnik. When flying keep in mind to have always landing place due to high trees in that part of region. Terain is suitable fot thermal flying and ridge soaring.

Suitable winds W, SW, S.

  • Small take off 750 m ASL (50 m height diff.)
  • Middle 880 m ASL (180 m height diff.)
  • Big 1030 m ASL (330 m height diff.)
  • Landing field app. 700 m.ASL.

Contact :
Prelac Goran (DES Adrenalin-Delnice) +385 98 447943 (SLO, ENG)

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