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Info paragliding course

skolaletenj tandem

Info course is for the people that are not sure would they start paragliding or not. It is one day introduction to paragliding and HOW TO that ends with tandem flight with instructor.

This saves your time and money!


Advanced course of paragliding in Croatia

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After finnishing basic course or you allready know how to fly but you need more of guiding and asistance than this course is for you.

This course i intended for pilots that are allready flying. We will take you to different places to fly and to gain more practice. We will monitor your flying to see what are you doing bad and what good and we will inprove your flying skills. All this is done over radio and discusions before and after flying.


Competition paragliding courses


Competition courses are intended for pilots that want to become good competitiors and want to advance fast and not spend time and money learning it slow way. 

Course is adjustable to the level of knowledge of the pilots.

Your guide and istructor is Marko Hrgetić, triple Croatian Champion, 9th in the PWC Superfinal 2009.


Paraglider XC guided tours in Croatia

Paragliding in Croatia - Guided tour in Kvarner - Photo from Baška

Croatia is offering beautiful combination of costal and island paraglider flying. We are here to take you on a guided paraglider tour!

Kvarner bay will offer you fantastic sights while flying with paraglider on the islands and in the Istrian peninsula you can experience fantastic thermal cross country flying, offering stunning views over sea and islands. 

You  will fly on places you never imagined you would.

Local paraglider guide, instructor : Marko Hrgetić Hrga (triple Champion of Croatia).


Tour plan 

1. day – Rijeka – arrival / airport / train / bus etc

Arrival in Rijeka
Accommodation and base camp at Croatian coast

2. day – Tribalj flying - guided course Paragliding Tribalj Croatia

Morning - Informational Briefing
Afternoon paraglider flying on Tribalj
In case of bad weather we would use that day for traveling to one of the islands and swimming

3. day – Buzet / Raspadalica / Učka paraglider flying

8:00 Traveling to Buzet or Učka free flying place
Evening coming back. Stopping at some Istrian restaurant where you can try specialties of region.

4. day –Island Krk Baška - walk and fly


walking up to takeoff 300m of height difference, 45-60 min
In case of light north wind we would go to Baška N wind take off
Afternoon for swimming and tasting good Krks lamb.

5. day –take off Alan - Velebit - landing on Island Rab

Driving to mountain and walking up  200 m 35 min to takeoff
13:00 paraglider flying and landing on the beach, swimming
Evening coming back to Rijeka

6. day – Brgud  / Učka flying

Morning going to Brgud/Učka
Paraglider Flying and guiding

7. day – Tribalj flying

Morning - Enjoying in the beach
Afternoon flying on Tribalj

8. day transportation to Airport 

Schedule of the days can be changed depending on meteo situation. In case of stronge Bora (N) wind we would use the day for swimming and going to see some local kultural places or some adventure park etc. In case of mid Bora we would use flying place Kaštelir in Istria

map of flying places


Season April - Sept for other schools on demand

Trip time 7/8 days

Mandatory equipment for paraglider flying

  • Glider, harness, rescue paraschute, helmet
  • Radio 2m 144 Mhz
  • Mobile phone
  • Insurance - medical
  • Flying licence if not on course (extra service)
  • Recommended equipment: lightweight equipment,walking sticks

The price includes 

     -  Transfers to and from Rijeka airport or bus station.
     -  Accommodation for 7 nights in doublebeded rooms at coast in Croatia.
     -  Transports to and from all flying sites. 
     -  Meteo analysis, forecasts, daily weather updates.
     -  Charges for using airspace and take-off places. 
     -  Launching supervision by an instructor.
     -  Flying tips, tailor-made tasks and goals to achieve. 
     -  Radio communication and instructions during flights. 
     -  Theoretical instruction.
     -  Analysis together with the pilots. 
     -  T-shirt or Cap.
     -  Photo CD. 

Price for the tour

Payment options 

You can book your trip with 30% deposit.

We accept cash, checks, PayPal or bank transfer. 


Booking and reserving is done 30% upfront. View our payement policy.

Price does not include: transportation to place for schooling but can be aranged.


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Instructor and guide

Hrga fotkica
Marko Hrgetić Hrga

triple champion of Croatia
once vicechamipon
9. in the world 2009. at Superfinal PWC


"I ll teach you to fly good, smart and safe. I ll make a real pilot out of you!"

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