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The club was founded 18.09.2005. in Rijeka, and since inception are a dozen active members.
The club was founded to promote, develop and improve paragliding in Primorsko-Goranska County and Croatia.

Club activities are:

Planning and Development of Sports - Paragliding

  • Organize and conduct regular training of members to prepare for competition and participation within the city, county or staterepresentation
  • organizing and participating in organizing paragliding and aviation events, contests and events management of sports facilities which the club owner or user measures and create conditions for improvement of professional performance 
  • Care for the health and physical fitness club members
  • Develop and promote their own activities, achievement of personal and collective interests and to meet the needs of members inparagliding
  • enabling and creating conditions for free association in paragliding, technical culture and sport, to be exercised more effectivelythe needs of public programs 
  • Protecting their own interests and beliefs of its members representing the unions and community organizations and from authorized government and other bodies,
  • Coordination of activities of members, overall activities of the Club to encourage understanding and adoption of ethical values ​​through sports procurement and maintenance of equipment necessary for the activities of the Club
  • Procurement of financial and material resources needed for the Club addressing other issues of common interest to club members.

Milica Jadranic 38b, 51000 Rijeka
Contact people:

Marko Hrgetic
Club President, PG pilot, instructor
mob: +385 (0) 95 8143976
mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Vedran Mihaljević
club secretary, PG pilot
mob: +385 (0) 98 260 431
mail: vedran.mihaljevic @

Executive Committee:
Damir Kosta, Martin Grubić, Peter Faltin,

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PJK Flumen, M. Jadranic 38B, 51000 Rijeka

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